Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 24th January 2019


The PR company is nowhere near as much fun as the start-up. I guess partly because I have to go back to the office at lunchtime so anything I wear has to be right for both places. The temperature had turned today anyway so I went for trousers and a plain white blouse, but I couldn’t bring myself to wear a bra. I had a jacket on for some of the morning anyway, and the woman I was dealing with (Carol, in operations) seemed nice. It’s a mixed office but I just wasn’t feeling all that flirty.

Things changed a bit in the afternoon as our office is always too warm, so there was no way the jacket was staying on. I caught Matthew staring at my blouse at some point and I couldn’t tell if he was trying to work out if I had a bra on or if it was so obvious that I didn’t that he couldn’t help but stare anyway! I had a peer in the mirror in the ladies toilets but the light isn’t that good in there so I couldn’t really tell.

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