Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 21st January 2019


Brian said we got the new work! So I start on Thursday, just for a half day. It won’t be as much fun as the Tuesday start-up, but it’s nice to be out of the office – and nice to have a bit more responsibility.

I wore trousers and a blouse to work today and had a bit of a flirt with Matthew, then on the way home there was a guy on the tube who was kind of cute so I did my best to flash a bit of chest his way under the pretence of scratching my neck. I was feeling pretty damn attractive by the time I got home, I have to say.

I didn’t get to have a run this morning (okay, I just didn’t get up early enough) so I went after work, and this led to a pretty hot exchange of messages with Kieran:

Exhibitionist Diary 21st January 2019

So I said I’d send him a photo and he went quiet… and I took a picture of my photo. I mean, I was really sitting on the edge of my bed naked and with a towel around my head, but I wasn’t quite ready to send him a head-to-toe photo. Not yet! Although it was tempting…

I stood in front of the mirror and – you know what? – this Pilates and running is starting to do some good.

We ended up swapping flirty messages for the rest of the night, but it’s all a bit long and probably not that interesting for anyone else. Needless to say I was masturbating by bedtime, and I wondered if Kieran did too. Such a waste if so.

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