Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 20th January 2019


After yesterday’s “back to normal” day I realised I had better try something different, and the weather was better than it had been recently so… I put on my new underwear, a long pair of boots, and the biggest coat I own and went for a walk. It felt so sexy, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I was looking at everyone I passed, daring them to work out how little I was wearing. Of course no-one could, so I went to a coffee shop and almost on automatic pilot started to unbutton my coat! I stopped myself just in time but got a very funny look from the barista as I sat down so quickly.

It’s so addictive, that feeling; the rush from taking a risk of being exposed, although in reality I was in control all the time. Or at least I thought I was, and then I came over all naughty. I went into the coffee shop toilets, took off my knickers and stuffed them into my coat pocket, and walked home in just coat and bra! I don’t know why I didn’t dare take the bra off as well as I had the coat buttoned up tightly the whole time.

Although a nice day, it’s still January and not exactly warm, and that’s probably the only thing that stopped me from being as randy as anything the whole time, because it was a bit nippy “up there”. I hadn’t set the heating timer either so it was quite cool when I got home too, and it was a bit disappointing to have to get dressed as soon as I came in.

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