Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 18th January 2019


I wore as short a skirt as I dared in the office today, which is to say not that short at all. And with long socks and boots underneath I looked pretty conservative, to be honest. Sometimes it’s fun to think that nobody knows I’m not wearing any underwear, but sometimes I wish people did know.

We had a bit of an office girls lunch today, thanks to Jo again. She’s been so good for the office and when I think back to last year and how we’d all have a sandwich at our desk, sitting there in grey skirts and blouses, and now there’s colour everywhere. I mean, Helen on reception always looks pretty glamourous, but now everyone was just a bit freer to wear what they wanted. (Even if I was still wearing more than I wanted to.)

Kieran met me after work and Ha lingered for a drink and a chat, and then got far too nosey about how we seemed to be moving pretty slowly and hadn’t even seen each other naked yet! We both got a bit embarrassed about that, and then she said that even she’d seen me naked and Kieran was missing out! I didn’t know what to say to that, because I really would like to know if he liked my body…

Part of me wondered if tonight was “the night” to ask him back, but somehow the mood just wasn’t quite right. We still kissed, and for a little bit longer than before. When I got home I had a text saying that he’d had a nice time. I wished him sweet dreams, and hoped they’d be of me.

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