Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 17th January 2019


I dreamt about the meeting but – guess what? – for some reason I was naked except for a handbag! Then Brian had left me at their office and I had to pretend that I was completely fine with being nude, but I was feeling more randy all the time. So I went to find some clothes but ended up getting lost in the building, and kept taking elevators to different floors that were always wrong, and then I somehow ended up on the tube, still naked, and it was getting more and more crowded and everybody was pressed against me.

And – guess what again? – I had to finish myself off when I woke up.

The real meeting was nothing like that (unfortunately!). I wore a suit (with blouse this time) because I wasn’t sure how conservative the client might be. They’re a PR company, though, and turned out to be pretty nice so I think they’ll give us the work.

I’m seeing Kieran after work tomorrow and already wondering what to wear. Or what not to wear…

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