Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 13th January 2019


I got a text from Kieran this morning, that I missed at first, and he said did I want to meet for brunch. I’d just gotten out of the shower (which is why I’d missed his text). Anyway, it was like this:

Exhibitionist Diary 13th January 2019

But it was such a turn-on anyway! I wondered what I’d do if he really did turn up in thirty minutes, but I wanted to look nice when he did arrive so I put on long socks and a short(ish) skirt and a blouse, and then because it looked cold out a sweater over the top. I saw him look at the two inches of bare thigh when I answered the door and I was grinning all the way to the café.

We went to a gallery afterwards and just hung out, and then went different ways. But I did get a kiss out of it, and his hands on my waist. I walked home from the station with a massive spring in my step.

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