Katherine looked around her again and then, arm outstretched, she twisted to the left away from the sight of the bar and my phone buzzed as another message came through.

I licked my lips again. Her blouse was pushed off of her
shoulder and with her left hand she pulled her bra away from her breast and the gorgeous, dark nipple looked back at me from the picture. I could see Katherine’s arousal from how hard it looked, and the look in her eyes left it
in no doubt.

“Nice,” I replied, “But just the one?”

She looked exasperated and typed while she held her blouse
closed with her arms crossed over her chest.

“I’ve only got one hand free!” I read smiling.

“Just lose the bra, then,” I typed, wondering what kind of cutting reply I’d get.

But instead of a cutting reply I watched, feeling the
pressure growing in my trousers, as Katherine carefully glanced towards the bar to check the coast was clear before reaching behind her back and then, first with one arm and then the other, she pulled the bra straps down and out of her blouse sleeves and over her hands. I saw her bundle it into her bag, one arm
crossed across her blouse all the time to hold it closed.

Then, she looked around again, and, turning towards the
wall, she pushed the blouse half off each shoulder and took another picture.

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