Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 8th January 2019


Today was totalling weird! I was feeling pretty damn sexy this morning so I put on some nice underwear (not the new stuff, but nice enough), and a suit jacket and skirt over the top but no blouse. Just like every Tuesday and sat at the desk and the poor guys there had trouble concentrating while I was asking them questions about their receipts, and then at lunchtime Brian turned up to see how things were going! We were sat in a meeting room with the CEO and Brian talking about the account and it was pretty clear my boss was taken aback by my clothing choice for the day!

I think the whole thing was saved by the CEO saying how happy they are with me and how they want me to keep coming in every Tuesday and how great I was to work with and at least I had something else to blush about.

Then as Brian left he said something to me about taking me to more meetings because the client obviously liked me! And I think that’s the first time he’s ever noticed what I was wearing. I felt so embarrassed!

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