Victoria And Camilla

Two women in scant lingerie

I leant forwards, holding Victoria’s eyes with my own as my lips closed towards hers. Her face began to flush but her eyes remained open as our lips touched. I let them remain in contact for only the briefest moment and as I broke away I saw her chest rising and falling as she took deep breaths. But she was still rooted to the spot rather than turning away in embarrassment so it didn’t seem that I’d overstepped my boundaries yet. We’d see if that changed soon.

I dared not look at her husband for fear of breaking the spell, but it seemed safe to assume that he was more than happy with the sight of two semi-clad women exchanging a kiss in front of him.

“But there’s the French…” I said, “Which I’m sure you know.”

I leaned towards Victoria again, and this time I put hands on her narrow waist to hold her steady and pull her closer.

Our lips touched and, as soon as they did, I opened my mouth a little and flicked at Victoria’s lips with the tip of my tongue. She let out a small gasp and her eyes closed a little. I took the invitation and pushed my tongue a fraction into the opening, teasing and probing as I did so.

You can read the rest of The Lady and Camilla Chapter 5 on Literotica, and Chapter 1 is here.

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