Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 16th December 2018


I got the tube into town to meet Ha. I really didn’t know what to wear… I wanted to push the boundaries a bit, but then she had one idea of me and it might seem a bit odd. In the end I went for boots, longish skirt and a top. But it was cold so I had a sweater over that, and then a coat… Today was not a day for flashing anything to anyone.

I was surprised to see Ha with one of the girls I’d met at the spa (Lily) and a guy I hadn’t met. Apparently it was the lifelong friend she’d told me about. The one question mark I had when she’d told me about him was answered instantly by the way he looked at me: he certainly wasn’t gay.

He stood up and pulled the chair out for me to sit and I felt a little bit gooey inside. He was easily six foot tall and maybe a year or two older than me.

His name was Kieran anyway, and he was nice. And he told me embarrassing stories about Ha when she was young.

Anyway, we talked and ate brunch and we were all about to go our separate ways at the tube station and I was so distracted by Ha suddenly leaning towards Lily and they exchanged a kiss that I hope I didn’t put Kieran off when he suggested he gives me a call sometime and I said “sure”. Because I couldn’t get out of my mind that Ha was a lesbian and I’d never even thought of it. I mean, no reason why she should be, but now I felt weird about hanging around naked in the spa. But Lily was there too… Yeah, I’m a fool, and Ha has set me up good and proper.

But it would be quite nice if Kieran calls.

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