Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 14th December 2018


Today was always the only day of the year that the women in the office weren’t wearing grey skirts and white blouses. Since Jo shook things up that’s changed a bit, but there was still a lot more glamour about the place. Helen on reception had a very sleek black dress on, and Ha’s green dress looked like it was almost painted onto her skin, it was that tight.

I thought this was probably my opportunity to experiment in front of work colleagues, but as it turned out my own dress was somewhat conservative compared to both of those. But the long socks did attract a bit of attention, since I actually was showing some thigh for the first time, and if thin straps didn’t make it clear that I wasn’t wearing a bra then nothing would.

Ha told me I looked really nice, and then freaked me out by running her hand over my hips and saying something about being sneaky with a concealed knickerline! I didn’t dare tell her I had nothing to conceal, but part of me wonders if she knows that already. Especially since I blush so much whenever I think anyone has any inkling… (Which is ridiculous since that’s surely the point of being an exhibitionist?)

Lunch was nice: I had salmon, and maybe a bit too much wine, and I ended up in a drunken conversation with Brian and Jo where Brian told her how great I was and the Tuesday start-up couldn’t get enough of me. Jo looked me up and down as if seeing me in a new light, which I guess she was since I haven’t worn anything this daring in the office. I so want her to like me.

Jo and the other senior people left early and then everything kind of petered out over the course of the evening. I actually had quite an early night.

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