Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 11th December 2018


Start-up visit day! Last week my hemline went high, so this week I decided my neckline had to go low. I wore a rich red blouse with a deep v-neck, and accidentally I’d left the top button undone as well. I checked in the mirror and if I leant forwards far enough you could definitely see a nipple, and you could very much tell there was no bra there. It felt really brave.

I was even braver when the operations guy was standing over my shoulder peering at my screen, because I could see in the monitor reflection that half his attention was on the spreadsheet and the other half was peering down at my chest. I leant forwards to point at something and I really want to know how much he could see. Surely most of a breast… it was such a thrill. He bought me lunch anyway.

I was feeling so good at the end of the day that I actually undid all of the buttons on the way out of the building, albeit with my coat wrapped around me. Then on the way home I wished I’d just taken the whole thing off… imagine coming home with just a coat on my torso? Or just a coat on full-stop? One day.

It was a successful day anyway, even if I was wearing one more item of clothing than the previous week.

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