Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 8th December 2018


Okay, I confess I didn’t really know what a Korean Spa was. So I turned up and there was Ha and four of her friends, who all knew each other, and we were pointed towards the changing rooms. I knew something was up when I started to take my swimsuit out and Ha told me I wouldn’t need it and just wear the bathrobes they’d given us. It was kind of weird just getting undressed in a room full of women (mostly Ha and friends, but a few randoms). Ha is so slim, and a couple of her other friends are southeast Asian too, that I felt like an elephant in comparison and covered up as quickly as I could.

So then we went through a couple of doors, and straight away Ha was out of her bathrobe and walking naked across this steam-filled room towards a middle-aged Korean (I assume) woman in what I’d only call sexy lingerie.

The others followed suit, and I was at the back feeling a bit daft as they looked around and I reluctantly slipped out of my robe and hung it on the wall.

My feet slapped on the floor as I went to the only open table, close to Ha, who smiled at me and winked as I was told to lie on it by my own Korean lingerie woman.

The massage that followed was amazing, though, and I soon forgot that I was naked, that Ha was naked, and that everyone who didn’t work there was naked, and that those who did work there were wearing black lace underwear whilst beating hell out of their customers’ bodies.

I’ve nearly fallen asleep in massages before but not this one, and once she was done we all managed to climb to our feet and shuffled to a side area where we sat around, still nude, and were given warm drinks amidst a huge amount of steam. It was wonderful.

I was disappointed when it came time to get dressed again and we headed off to a bar and shared a bottle of champagne. The others were going out for dinner but I was exhausted by that point and just went home and had an early night.

It was pretty funny that I’d been so scared about showing anyone my body for so long and so much had happened in one day.

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