Exhibitionist Diary: Saturday 1st December 2018


Today is dress-buying day. I don’t have many dresses and that needs to change.

I knew I’d be trying things on all day so I put on a plain top and a skirt with elasticated waist, but I couldn’t believe it when I looked out of the front window this morning. You remember the neighbour that I thought I saw nude at the back of his sitting room? This time it was his partner, who’s only mid or late twenties, completely naked and rifling through a clothes drawer in their front room. I could see right in, and she didn’t seem to care! It’s taken me months to get to the stage of going to buy a dress and here I am surrounded by nude neighbours!

Anyway, it was on my mind when I went shopping. And quite intense shopping it was. I’d take three of four dresses into the changing room, drop my skirt and top and slip each one over my head/up my body as appropriate. It was quite a thrill to feel each different material slide across my skin.

Let’s just say that I have a collection to work through now, though. And a credit card debt to pay off. No more shopping until next year I think.

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