Exhibitionist Diary: Monday 19th November 2018


Operation flirt was planned to start today, but my legs were a bit stiff from the running. Still, donning ankle boots and long socks, and a skirt that only just came over my knee, and with a nice clingy top with a bit of a plunging neckline to complete the picture, I set off to work. Not that anyone on the tube would know any of this as I wore my winter coat.

Anyway, I made up a random reason to go and see Matthew this morning, and as I perched on the edge of his desk I managed to push my skirt up a little, just enough to show a bit of thigh. I saw him look down, and then away, and it was such a thrill. Now I just need to find someone single, that I like, that might like me etc etc because with no knickers on I am literally read to go at a moment’s notice lol!

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