Exhibitionist Diary: Tue 13th November 2018


It was weirdly warm and humid today, so I went back to boots and skirt. But then I did something a bit more daring and just had a new sweater on my top half. The wool felt really nice on my nipples.

The problem was that the office heating was on overdrive from the week before. It didn’t really seem to work on a thermostat and someone said building maintenance were the only ones who could turn it down. I was baking hot as I sat at my desk and was fanning myself with a notepad when Matthew came over and told me about it. He suggested I should take my sweater off and it made my stomach do backflips… I had to admit I had nothing on underneath. I don’t think he knew I meant nothing at all, but he said he doubted anyone would mind and it made me blush. I said maybe if it was just us in the office I would, and then I blushed even more, and so did he… I can’t believe I said that.

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