Exhibitionist Diary: Thu 1st November 2018


I can’t believe it’s November already!

I ached from pilates again this morning. I better get a flat stomach out of this or I’ll be very disappointed.

At least it had stopped raining, but it was quite cold so I had to wear tights. And tights with no underwear is a no-goer, and I’m not spending loads of money on stockings, so it was a distinctly unadventurous day at work. It was made even worse by seeing a load of sexy Halloween party-goers out in skimpy outfits on the way home!

I was so frustrated that as soon as I got in I turned the heating up and stripped right down to nothing and spent the rest of the evening naked! I had the lights turned down, of course, and put a dressing gown on when I went to the kitchen (because I don’t have blinds on the windows there), but it felt very liberating. Especially each time I walked past the dining room window, even though nobody was in opposite to see me.

Given the way the temperatures are going I doubt I’ll be able to do that many more times this year.

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