Exhibitionist Diary: Sat 27th October 2018


The neighbours are at it again! We’re in this weird heatwave and the woman out the back, the one who was smoking in her underwear, appeared at the back door in nothing but a pair of shorts and went around her garden watering the plants! I know I shouldn’t judge, but every time she leant over I swear her boobs nearly reached the ground. I wouldn’t even go out there in my nightie and when she looked up at the window I had to pretend I hadn’t even noticed her and carried on making a cup of tea.

Anyway, I thought if she can do it, I can do it too… just not quite as well. If I can muster the courage to go into the garden in my underwear then I’m getting that mug.

Nothing much else happened today. I went to the supermarket in one of my new tops and skirt, but being without underwear is feeling pretty normal now so I hardly even remembered it as I was walking around.

There was a lot of noise outside tonight and I realised it’s one of the Saturdays closest to Halloween. It’s not something I’d ever cared for, but maybe there’s a revealing outfit opportunity I’ve yet to explore?

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