Exhibitionist Diary: Sat 6th October 2018


Something weird happened today. I was watching the TV with the light off and I turned to look out of the window and the house opposite, with the young couple, had a light in their hall, and sitting in the window I could see the girl that lives there (she must be my age) and standing in the doorway at the back of the room was the guy. But I could swear he was stark naked. He was pretty hairy down there anyway. I think he didn’t know he was in the light, and they have plants and things in their room so he probably thought he was hidden. He seemed to be talking to her and then he turned and walked out, but with all the plants and things in the way I couldn’t see if anything was flapping about that would tell me that he was definitely in the nude.

Here I am stressing about a few buttons and the guy across the road is just strutting around in the nip like it’s normal. I’m such a coward it’s unbelievable.

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