Ten Out Of CFNM – Coming Soon!

Naked man with clothed woman

My new collection of CFNM stories Ten Out Of CFNM is coming soon! As you might be able to guess from the title, it contains ten very hot CFNM stories, all new and previously unpublished.

Below is an excerpt from one of the the stories. It’s the very definition of a teaser.

French Vacation

Part 1: Welcome

“I’ll put everything away,” I said to Richard, “And you carry on unpacking the car.”

I heard Richard’s footsteps disappearing down the stairs and opened the suitcase. It was a warm day in the Dordogne and I’d taken advantage of this to pack a few summer dresses.

I opened the top drawer of the dresser and began to put Richard’s neatly folded clothes inside. I had just about finished as he carried the second of our three cases into the room.

“How did we pack so much?” he asked me, dropping the case onto the wooden floor.

Something came over me then. Lust. Yes, that was it: lust. I guess it was combination of the relief of finally getting out of the car, and the joy of being able to relax in the beautiful gîte that would be our home for the next seven days, and a couple of Richard’s shirt buttons were undone from the heat of carrying the bags up the stairs… But whatever it was, I felt suddenly ridiculously horny.

I stepped over to Richard and draped my arms over his shoulders. He smiled and put his hands around my waist. I loved to feel his strength. I don’t think he’d ever know just how much pleasure I gained from such a simple gesture.

“We could unpack later,” I said teasingly, and I leant forwards and placed a kiss on his lips.

“Maybe we could,” he said, his hands running up my back.

I ran my fingers across the front of his cotton shirt, and then slipped them inside and felt his skin. It was warm and I realised as he shivered a little that my hands were much cooler, even with the heat outside. But I knew that the shiver had more to do with the way I touched him than the temperature of my fingers.

I popped open another button of his shirt and his hands gripped my waist, holding me tightly. I leant back so that I could reach the next button, but also to force him to tighten his grip yet further to hold me in place. It never made sense to me how, when he was only six inches taller than I was, that he could be so much stronger.

I opened another button, and then another, leaning away from him so that I could reach down to his waistband. I pulled his shirt out of his trousers and unfastened the last buttons so it hung loosely over his torso.

“There’s still one bag to bring in,” he said.

“It can wait a few minutes,” I replied.

I slipped my hands inside his open shirt and pushed upwards, sliding the fabric over his shoulders. As he held me close to him I could feel the effect this was having on him as the bulge in his trousers pressed against my stomach.

He knew the routine well enough by now anyway, and as I pushed he released his hands from around my waist and allowed me to slide the shirt down his arms. It dropped onto the floor behind him and his hands found their way back around me.

I ran my fingers over his chest and his shoulders. He wasn’t a muscular man but he was well toned for his build. His shoulders quivered slightly as I traced circles with my fingers.

Richard’s hands moved upwards into the small of my back, and then further up again, and I knew what this meant: that he had absolutely no idea how to get into my skirt. (Or, more precisely, how to get me out of it.) The zip was on the side and it might take him an age to find it, but it didn’t matter as I had other plans for him now.

“Uh, uh,” I said, and I put my hands on his forearms and pushed them gently away from me. Then, leaning towards him I pushed again and he fell back onto the bed.

I looked down at him, his expression showing the same desire for me as I had for him. He leant himself up on his elbows.

I slid down to my knees and put my hands on his stomach. I loved this part, because I could reach almost every part of his body but he could reach almost nothing of me except my hands. The bulge in his trousers was clearly visible now as well; just what I wanted to see.

I fumbled at his leather belt, unfastened it and pulled the long tongue free of the buckle. As I unbuttoned his jeans I could feel what was causing the bulge; the long, solid shaft cramped up inside his briefs. I knew how small they must feel to him right now.

I parted his jeans and teased my fingers along the waistband of his underwear. His eyes closed and he took a deep breath: he was well and truly at my mercy now.

With my right hand I reached down and slipped off his shoe. I was lucky he was wearing the loafers he liked to drive in. Then my fingers hooked into his sock and he lifted his foot obligingly to allow me to peel it off. The other shoe and sock quickly followed while all the time I ran circles across his stomach, always teasing so close to that ever-growing lump in his briefs.

It was time to grant a little relief so this time I put my fingers into the waistband of his underwear and lifted it away from his body. The tip of his penis sprang into view as he expanded into the free air.

The part before that I said was my favourite bit was now my second favourite bit, because the moment when he realised that, yes, I really was doing this and, no, he couldn’t stop me, and never would he want to. It gave me such delight in the power I had over the larger and stronger animal that lay in front of me that I wanted to prolong this moment for the maximum time possible.

I pulled his briefs down a little, and then released the elastic so that it pressed across the base of his shaft. Richard let out a groan, somehow mixing the sound of pleasure and frustration together all in one. His cock waved up and down on his pelvis, pushing against his waistband.

I gently stroked the visible part of his shaft and his body shook again. I knew it was too early to finish him yet and I should leave him frustrated for a while longer, but I couldn’t resist just a brief tease at the tip of his penis. He groaned once more.

I hooked my fingers into his underwear again and, with a firm pull, I yanked both those and his trousers down a few inches. He lifted his buttocks a fraction and I pulled again, slipping the items down his thighs.

I shuffled backwards, still holding onto his last two items of clothing, and then I stood as his knees closed together to allow me to pull them away from him. His feet fell to the floor and I looked down at his long, naked body, laid prone on the bed with his penis waving up and down.

Now, I know this is very mean of me, but I just didn’t want that moment to end. At other times, if we had somewhere to go or something to do, then I would crouch between his legs and my tongue would become closely acquainted with that rock hard penis of his, but we were on holiday now, and I had all week for that, didn’t I?

I folded Richard’s trousers neatly and placed them in the drawer with the rest of his clothes. Then I picked up his shirt, underwear and socks and put those in too. He opened his eyes to look up at me, an expectant smile on his face. And then I really knew I had to prolong this tease and get every last ounce of pleasure from it.

I pushed the drawer shut and slowly, deliberately, I turned the key in the lock. Richard looked at me quizzically, but it was almost as if his penis understood what was happening before he did as it waved up and down excitedly.

I took the key and placed it into the small pocket in my skirt and stood, looking down at him with my arms folded.

I could probably guess all the things that he wanted to say, but when it came to sex he had learnt never to expect anything. That way, if I granted him satisfaction then he was grateful for it. There was no way he would come out and say something as blunt as “aren’t you going to finish me off, then?”, no matter how much he was thinking it. And I can guarantee that right then that was the only thing he was thinking.

“You better get the other case from the car,” I told him with a wry smile.

“But can’t I…” he began to ask feebly, looking at the drawer.

“You can have them when I let you,” I said, and before a grin burst onto my face I turned and left the room to go down to the kitchen.

And if you think that’s hot, you wait until an unexpected visitor arrives…

Ten Out Of CFNM will be available soon on Amazon,


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