Coming Soon: The Naked Girl Across The Street

The Naked Girl Across The Street

I’m very excited to be able to share details of my forthcoming book, titled The Naked Girl Across The Street. Told from the perspective of a 25-year-old graphic designer called Mike, it charts his relationship with the girl in the apartment opposite, from voyeurism to something more intimate, and how he balances this with his growing interest in a work colleague named Alice.

Here’s a little teaser:

She began to unbutton her blouse. Yup, you heard that right: she began to unbutton her blouse. There was no way I was looking at my screen now. Her actions were hurried and she didn’t once look across the street. I guessed her curtains must be closing any second when she realised what she was doing and I had to imprint this moment on my memory while I had the chance.

She pulled the blouse off of her arms and tossed it onto the bed. I licked my lips as I stared across at her. Okay, from this distance she was only really a shape in a white bra and grey skirt, but my imagination was filling in plenty of detail.

She pushed her skirt down over her hips. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but she made such gorgeous shapes as she wriggled out of it. She had rather nice legs. They looked good from here anyway.

She reached behind her back and my heart was pounding as she began to fiddle with the clasp of her bra. As she fumbled she began to walk, and I let out a deep breath as she disappeared into another room. Damn: show’s over.

Or so I thought, as she reappeared in the sitting room, with her bra in her hand. She dropped it onto a piece of furniture. I wished I had better eyesight, because if her breasts were anything like I imagined them to be then she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

As she pushed her underwear down her thighs I slowly folded down the screen of my laptop, not wanting to make a movement that would attract attention but also not wanting for her to look up and suddenly see me staring across at her naked body. Her. Naked. Body. It still sounds good to say it.

It’s got some fantastic steamy scenes, but I won’t spoil it by revealing them now. I’m hoping to have it available around the beginning of November, so keep your eyes peeled.

Patreon supporters have three preview chapters to read already and will be receive electronic copies before it goes on general sale. So why not take the opportunity to become a supporter now? It’s cheap, you can pledge anonymously, and as well as my eternal gratitude you’ll receive copies of my previous books.

Plus, there are preview chapters from my forthcoming CFNM short stories. I try to post something new there monthly and my supporters have already made some great suggestions that I’ve incorporated into stories.

There are still a few edits to work through but I’ll post here when The Naked Girl Across The Street joins the rest of my stable on Amazon.

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