Party Centrepiece


“I could hear voices around me, but I had no idea who or even how many people were in the room. I hoped no-one would recognise me, but was that my name I heard whispered?”

3 thoughts on “Party Centrepiece

  1. I love this concept. I am, of course, a nude model for art classes in my area, and an artists hired me to be the nude subject for her gallery piece. It was to take place in a small hole in the floor of a large gallery. I was told to sit cross-legged, keep my eyes closed, and listen to the German love songs she would play. People could crawl down into the hole and sit with me. She wanted me to have an erection while the songs played. I wrote a long, detailed story about it here: And there is a video of me in the hole taken (sadly) before anyone got in with me:

    The picture and the little snippet of a story made me think of it…

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