The Undergraduate, A CFNM Story for the Kindle

Beautiful woman in a dress with a naked man

The Undergraduate is now available for the Kindle. It’s my first CFNM novel (and I think CFNM novels are something of a rarity anyway) and tells the story of a young student, Darren, who finds a friend in Mrs Cooper, the mother of one of his old school friends.

A chance encounter becomes a regular arrangement and Darren finds that he spends a lot of time naked in her company. I really enjoyed crafting the relationship between the pairing and keeping the sexual tension high throughout. What does Darren really feel for the older woman? What does she feel for him?

And that was the crux of the problem: was she finding this little more than a pleasant diversion, with some amusement at my obvious embarrassment mixed in? I was determined to put on the most confident act I could so I crossed my arms over my chest and let my erection take care of itself.

“No chores you need doing this week?” I asked. I felt like an actor in a porn movie, coming around to fix things and then suddenly finding myself naked.

Mrs Cooper shook her head. “Nothing I can’t handle, thank you.”

With one disarming phrase I was suddenly without purpose, and equally suddenly uncomfortable. And then I noticed what Mrs Cooper was wearing: the light summer dress that I had tried for size the previous week. Did she know something after all?… I didn’t see how she could think I’d even try. I sat down as my face flushed and my penis throbbed.

You can buy The Undergraduate direct from Amazon, or if you sign up as one of my supporters on Patreon I’ll send you a PDF copy for free!

Buy The Undergraduate, A CFNM Story on Amazon

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