A Naked Walk


Since it’s World Poetry Day:

A Naked Walk

“Men only think about one thing,”
Of all advice that mother gave
This rang to me most insincere
Else why was she with father dear?

“Button up that top right now”
“You can’t go out like that”, she said
“Always leave them wanting more”
“Don’t go out like that, you whore”

So red of face she cursed and swore
When once the word had reached her ear
And father only wore a frown
As she bellowed loud for all to hear
“You dared walk naked through the town?”

Rather than endure her rage
“I’m going out,” I think I said
I turned my back upon the pair
And dropped my robe upon the chair

Bright the sun was in my eyes
Not the neon of last night
As I walked along the street
Naked and with no retreat

I rarely speak to mother dear
But now I’m known throughout the town
For the smiles and gazes that I bore
As each in turn they looked me up and down
And I studied carefully each face I saw
From mild amusement to concerned frown

And maybe some will call me whore
But one thing now I know for sure
That men and women, for all their talk,
Had last night nothing on their mind
Except to wonder how it would be to find
Themselves upon on a naked walk

A Naked Walk
©2017 Kara Bryn

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