Just ENF Available to Pre-Order

Just ENF by Kara Bryn

My next ENF short story collection, Just ENF, is available to pre-order for the Kindle and is due for release on December 15th. Here’s a little teaser from one of the stories in the book called “A Study in Exhibitionism”:

“And can you tell me,” I asked, “On a scale of one to ten, how aroused do you think you feel now?”

Melissa visibly jumped at the question, but answered it nonetheless. “Oh, I think, maybe… a four?”

“Thank you,” I said with a smile, “And what about if I ask you to take your stockings off now?”

I watched as her chest rose and fell as she took deep breaths. “I think that would be an eight or a nine,” she replied. It’s interesting how varied responses like this can be. I write down her answer.

“But if I asked you to take off your skirt?” I asked.

“That would be… maybe six. Or seven.”


“No, six, I think.”

“So, can you do that for me?” She sits rigidly in the chair. “Or would you prefer your stockings?” I phrased the question as a choice where “neither” is not an option. Melissa’s mouth moved but no words emerged.

“It’s your choice,” I said, giving her the illusion of free will.

If you like my stories then I really think you’ll like the book. And if you don’t know if you like my stories, head over to the Exclusive Stories section and read one or two, and if you can’t wait then why not pick up Naked Women in Shorts, my first story collection, to pass the time.

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