Out Now: The Rules of the Convent



I’ve been busy putting pen (finger) to paper (keyboard) to write a set of short stories to follow up Naked Women in Shorts, but one of them grew into something I liked so much more that I’ve decided to release it as a standalone novella.

It’s called “The Rules of the Convent” and is about a young nun who… well, you sort of know what to expect, don’t you? Here’s what the Amazon blurb says:

Sarah is barely nineteen years old and has only been at the convent for a few weeks. Nothing she has experienced before can prepare her for the humiliation of being stripped and forced to work. eat and pray, naked and shunned by her fellow nuns.

Even as she becomes less embarrassed by her nude body, Sarah despairs at her isolation. Only Sisters Theresa and Jessica offer her friendship, or are they offering more than friendship? With a young, beautiful, naked woman walking around the convent, can their vows fend off temptation? Or will they succumb and taste the forbidden fruits of this enchanting, vulnerable woman?

The Rules of the Convent is an ENF novelette from Kara Bryn and will titillate your senses, and other parts of you, from start to end.

I’m really happy with the way Sarah’s character develops, and her relationship with the other nuns, and there are plenty (and I mean plenty) of very hot scenes within a relatively small number of pages.

You can download the Kindle version of The Rules of the Convent from Amazon.com.

I hope you enjoy the new story.

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