Coming Soon: The Rules Of The Convent



We all know there’s nothing hotter than a naughty nun. And if you didn’t know before, you do now. Just look at that picture!

Anyway, I began a short story, and it kind of snowballed into something longer, and much more interesting and… much hotter. The cover and editing is still in progress, but here’s an extract:

Sarah’s sleep that night was disturbed. She dreamt of herself in the convent. Only, instead of her habit, she was wearing only her underwear and stockings. And then, for a reason that made no sense, suddenly she was without her underwear, and she had to stand at the front of prayer in nothing but stockings and high heels like the girl in the magazine picture.

And then she was giving Holy Communion, with each nun in turn standing from prayer and walking up towards her. But, instead of placing the communion wafer in their mouths she would place it between her own lips, and each Sister in turn would press their lips to hers and take it their communion in a series of brief, or sometimes, prolonged kisses.

As they leant towards her, the rough fabric of their habits rubbed against her breasts. And with each touch and with each kiss her arousal would grow until she thought she could bear it no longer.

Look out for it soon. It’ll be on sale at whatever the cheapest price is that Amazon will allow, and hopefully we can do a launch promotion for a few days.

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