Naked Women in Shorts


Naked Women in Shorts ENF Story Collection

I’m excited to be able to announce my new book “Naked Women in Shorts”, available now for the Kindle. You can get it Naked Women in Shorts on or Naked Women in Shorts on

It features twelve short stories about beautiful, delicious naked women. There’s the girl who livens up one young guy’s train journey with an impromptu striptease, the shy Asian geek girl who’s seduced by the perpetual nudist, the naked performance artist, and the author who decides she needs to practice what she writes. Ahem.

I’ve been working on the stories for over a year and it’s an absolutely bargain at the price. Here’s a little excerpt:

Natasha took the choker, reached up and buckled it around my neck. I had been standing for an hour, naked in a room full of clothed men and women, and now, with the choker around my neck, I felt more naked than at any time before. But the overwhelming sensation was now the tingling between my legs.

But Natasha hadn’t finished yet. She delved further into the purse and pulled out another long strip of leather cord. She reached behind my neck and I realised she had buckled it to a loophole in the choker. She was holding one end of a leather leash, and I was on the other.

Hmm, it turns me on just reading it again. I hope it does the same to you.

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