Exclusive Stories


Exclusive CFNM and ENF stories from Kara Bryn

I often write short stories that I’d like to share with my readers. But I don’t want to post them on the usual sites, and sometimes they haven’t been edited enough to put into a book, or maybe they just don’t fit in with something that I’m putting together.

So, I’d like to make them available somewhere, and I’ve decided that the best place to do it is here. There’s a contact form and if you fill it out with your e-mail address I’ll send you a password so you can access those private pages, and a link to the pages, of course. And I promise I’ll never reveal your details to anyone, ever.

I hope that many of you sign up, and the more people I can share these stories with, the more incentive there is for me to write more. So go and sign up!

Best wishes,


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