What She Says Chapter 04: Sightseeing



Chapter 4 of my CFNM story “What She Says” is up on Literotica.

I hold your jeans apart so nothing touches your cock. It bobs in the cool air, trying to find something to press against. Your mind is elsewhere, and mine almost is too as I watch it. I glance down at the path: no-one is paying any more attention to us than if we were sitting having a picnic.

Read the rest of chapter 4 here or start with chapter 1.

2 thoughts on “What She Says Chapter 04: Sightseeing

  1. Mike

    So sexy and so true to see pushing the boundaries in London’s parks… nice touch that the bikini clad girl was watching

    • Thanks again, Mike. I’m working on a continuation of the story now, although it’s running at a bit of a slower pace for the next couple of instalments.

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