What She Says: A New Story On Literotica


I’ve taken a break from the ENF (embarassed nude female) category and written a short CFNM (clothed female nude male) story.

The first chapter happens entirely over a telephone call. As well as being an experiment in writing some CFNM it’s also a try and mixing first and second person storytelling. Not surprisingly, it’s quite difficult to do, and I’m not sure there are many places where it could work. But it’s been an interesting challenge and, if the responses are positive, I’ll get to work on a second chapter.

Here’s a short excerpt:

“And you’re still nervous?”

“Yeah… a bit.”

“Anything I can do about it?”

The line goes quiet and then you hear me giggle.

“What ya wearing?” I ask. I can’t believe I just blurted out one of the clichés of Internet chat. It makes you laugh, though.

“Oh, nothing much…” you say teasingly. I raise an eyebrow, forgetting you can’t see it. “Just t-shirt, jeans, socks… how much detail to you need?”

You can read the full chapter over on literotica.

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