Just Two Naked Girls


“Here we are,” Selena said, “Just two naked girls having a drink.”

Iris laughed, the tension relieved for a moment. Iris had always had a wonderful smile.

“Well, I guess we can finally call this a draw, can we?” Iris said, leaning forwards and picking up her wine glass.

“A draw?” Selena said, “I don’t believe in such a thing.” She thought for a second and then an idea came to her. “I know what!” She paused. “If you go to the bar and get us another drink, you win. If not… well, I’ll go.”

Iris nearly dropped her glass. “Go to the bar? Like this?” she questioned.

Selena smiled and nodded. “It’s up to you,” she said, “You have first option. If not… well, you know I’ll do it, don’t you?”

Iris sighed: she knew Selena would go through with it. And here was her chance to finally beat Selena at this game. She’d come this far, so a little further wasn’t going to make any difference.

Steeling herself, Iris stood from her chair and picked up her purse from the table. “Same again?” she asked. Selena grinned.

She watched as Iris strode across the room, her small, naked buttocks swaying as her hips rocked. All eyes followed her.

Quickly, Selena turned around and picked up her underwear. She pulled the knickers over her legs and put the bra back around her chest. It felt tight and constrictive after the short-lived freedom her breasts had felt. She stole an anxious glance towards the bar: Iris was still waiting for the barman to finish taking someone’s money before dealing with her order, something he would be doing a lot faster if he wasn’t distracted by Iris’s naked body leant up against the bar.

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No More Hiding


Maritza Veer • by Warwick Saint

Lucia suddenly tensed and Helena realised she had gone too far too quickly. Pareia gently blew onto the bare skin of the slender redhead and Lucia was carried back under the spell. Her head fell back and she rubbed her neck with her delicate fingers. If it weren’t for their magic, Helena thought, every head in the bar would be watching Lucia now.

“One thing at a time,” Pareia said gently, both to Helena and to Lucia. She ran her finger along Lucia’s slender collarbone and was rewarded by a wriggle of the shoulders.

Then the finger slid down Lucia’s chest, over the soft flesh of her breast, and then stroked the thick red lace that covered her nipples. Lucia trembled in her seat.

“No more hiding,” Pareia whispered to Lucia.

“No more hiding,” Lucia replied out loud, and she put her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra. With a smooth, rapid motion she shrugged it off of her shoulders and dropped it onto her jeans.

“She has a beautiful figure,” Helena said, and Pareia nodded in agreement.

“This is like a dream,” Lucia said quietly to herself, and Helena felt herself overwhelmed by the images of fantasies and dreams that Lucia had kept to herself for all these years.

“You’re almost free,” Pareia whispered to her.

“Almost,” Lucia agreed, and she slid her hands into her underwear and pushed downwards. She needed only a small lift in her seat as she pushed her last item of clothing down her thighs and then let it drop down her legs and onto the floor.

She wriggled contentedly in her seat: who would have thought that the night would end with her sitting naked in the bar? She was glad she had ordered that extra drink now and she emptied her glass.

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Nothing But A Smile


Wearing nothing but a confident smile and the same white stilettos as the previous day, I stepped out from the screen holding my box of clothes. The researcher grinned. I felt more naked than I’d ever felt before as I handed everything over.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “Everyone’s nervous, and you look amazing.” I already knew that, but it was kind of her to try to reassure me.

The assistant pushed the door open for me and I walked through. It closed gently behind me and I heard the lock click.

Taking a deep breath, sucking my stomach in and pushing my chest out I took the last couple of steps into the main room of the office. My head was spinning and then, as I looked around, I thought I must be hallucinating or dreaming: why was everyone else fully dressed?

I’ve had this dream a hundred times before and I wondered if I was about to wake up. Heads began to turn towards me and I felt their eyes on my naked body. I froze and was about to turn and run for the door, but I remembered I’d just heard it lock behind me.

David, one of the senior partners, walked past me carrying a box file. I saw his eyes glance down at my breasts. “Hey, you’re looking good today Jen. Have you done your hair?” He kept walking and I saw a smirk on one of the legal secretary’s faces. My fight or flight mode was kicking in, and flight wasn’t an option.

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I Could Describe Ever Detail


I turned around, and found myself, rarely for someone of my small height, even in my two inch heels, looking straight into the eyes of Natasha.

Natasha was petite, she was blonde, and she was smiling and offering me her hand to shake. “Hi, I’m Natasha,” she said, her eyes fixed on me all the time.

“I’m Rupa. Pleased to meet you,” I replied, taking her delicate hand in my own and trying to appear confident as I shook it.

“Oooh, I love your English accent,” Natasha said with a smile. I had heard that plenty of times tonight already and I wondered if Americans were taught to say that at school.

“I love your, er,” I said as I looked her up and down, desperate to pay a compliment in return. “I love your tattoos.” Natasha had a magnificent set of multi-coloured tattoos: on her arms, on her shoulders, on the tops of her feet and her ankles, spiralling up her leg and thigh and across her stomach. Oh yes, now I remember the important part of describing Natasha, and why I was surprised, or even shocked, at meeting her. I’m able to describe Natasha’s tattoos in such detail because Natasha was entirely naked.

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