A Stolen Bikini Top


©Ruslan Lobanov

I began walking towards the open door, concentrating on not spilling the two cups of iced tea. And I blame the fact I was concentrating for not noticing that Sue had a firm hold of one tie of my bikini top. As I walked away from her the bow popped open and, just as I felt it loosen, the bikini fell from around me.

My shoulders tensed and I tried to squeeze my arms over my chest, but I couldn’t do that and carry the teas at the same time. I strategically positioned the two glasses and turned around to face Sue. I noticed Jim quickly point his camera in my direction.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked her, my cheeks glowing from a combination of anger and embarrassment.

Sue pulled the bikini top towards her and bundled it up in one hand.

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What Will I Wear?


Photographer: Davide Padovan

I nodded as she rolled my jeans down my legs. I sat my bare buttocks on her sofa and lifted both my legs as she tugged at my underwear and jeans, pulling them off my feet and dropping them onto the back of a chair.

I’d honestly never felt so self-conscious, sat there, suddenly nude. Lisa sat back beside me in her PVC dress and boots.

“What…” I began, “What am I going to be wearing?”

Lisa looked thoughtful for a second. “Do you know Tina?” she asked me. I nodded, although I only barely knew the girl she was talking about.

“She has something for you to put on,” she told me.

“And where’s Tina?”

“She’s on her way. Or at least she said she’d get her early.”

I looked wistfully at my clothes crumpled on the chair: I’d have preferred to have gotten undressed after my outfit had arrived, not before. Then I glanced up at the table across the room, laid out with drinks and empty glasses. I noticed what looked like a pair of handcuffs on the far corner and then averted my eyes in embarrassment. I don’t know why.

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