House Rules

Naked man in a group of women

“Any decision was passed by a vote of all housemates, and every decision was binding. They had voted me out of my clothes before I even realised the trap I was in.”

Am I Distracting You?


“Here,” I said as I drew a box, “Is the parent company, and…” I turned round to check he was following and realised that he was staring at my backside pointing towards him. I guess I did look like the cover of a porn video as I leant naked over the flipchart.

“Erm, Kieran?” I said as he turned bright red, “Have you never had a meeting with a naked woman before?” We both laughed in relief.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “But I’ll try not to get distracted.” Half of me wanted him to be distracted, but we did have work to do. Maybe I should just ask for a five minute break to get dressed and then we could start again. Then an idea came to me.

“Can I borrow your jacket?” I asked him.

“Uh, sure!” he said, as if this was going to solve all of our problems. He stood and took his jacket off and held it out for me to take.

“And the shirt?” I said, and then realised by the look in his eyes that I was being far too naughty. “Just kidding! Just kidding!” I wondered what it would look like if someone walked through the door right now with Kieran handing his clothes to a naked woman.

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Nobody Will Know


She looked at her clothes, or what was left of them. The knickers, bra, and coat sat piled on the stool. Back to beige it was, then, and back to being unsexy “nice” Susan. But perhaps she could wear her new bra and lace shorts for the rest of the day? That would feel so good, wearing that and nothing else beneath her long coat. That really would feel good. Maybe she could put them on now.

But no, she decided she would save them all for tomorrow night. Something this special should be saved and savoured, and, besides, it’s not like anyone else would see them anyway.

Oh dear, Susan thought to herself, bad Susan. No Susan. And then she started chuckling. Because if no-one could see them… why wear them at all?

“Are you having fun in there? Dare I ask?…” Marian’s voice came from outside.

“Just buttoning up!” Susan lied, standing still naked. Quickly, before she could change her mind, she picked up her old knickers and bra and shoved them into the flip-top bin in the corner of the changing room. She looked herself in the eye in the mirror. “You’re really doing this,” she whispered, and picked up the coat, put her arms in the sleeves, and carefully buttoned up all but the top two and the bottom two buttons. With the belt tied it was secure, and she looked down at her old shoes. Not long for you now, she thought as she slipped them on, wishing she could take Marian’s stilettoes instead.

Susan examined herself briefly in the mirror. Nothing appeared different from the way she had looked when she came in. She could just as well be wearing underwear, a low-cut top and a short skirt… She could be, but she wasn’t.

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Experience What You Write


“Take me, for example,” she said, “How do you think I can judge what is good to publish?” She smiled at me, not expecting an answer. “Do you think I do it by locking myself in my office and having boring sex?”

I blushed at the idea. I wasn’t used to talking so frankly, which, frankly, didn’t bode well for my writing.

Elisa leaned forwards and looked me in the eyes. “Do I look like I have boring sex?”

My mouth opened to make a noise but nothing came out, but she certainly didn’t look like a woman who had boring sex. Her semi-open blouse, delicate jewellery and a figure-hugging skirt with a split high up a stockinged thigh told me that her sex was anything but boring. I suddenly felt very plain and dowdy in my buttoned cotton dress with its flowery pattern.

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