A Forbidden Dream


That evening, back in the privacy of her own room, she locked the door, pulled her habit over her head, and admired her figure in the mirror again. She wondered: was this what normal young women did? From the articles in the magazine, it seemed that everyone was dressing to impress the opposite sex, even if they couldn’t see it.

Sarah’s sleep that night was disturbed. She dreamt of herself in the convent. Only, instead of her habit, she was wearing her sexy black underwear and stockings and she had found some high heels like the girl in the magazine photo. And then, for a reason that made no sense, suddenly she was without her underwear, and she had to stand at the front of prayer in nothing but stockings and high heels.

And then she was giving Holy Communion, with each nun in turn standing and walking towards her to take the body of Christ. But, instead of placing the communion wafer in their mouths she would place it between her own lips, and each Sister in turn would press their lips to hers and take their communion in a series of brief, or sometimes prolonged, kisses. As they leaned towards her, the rough fabric of their habits rubbed against her breasts. And with each touch and with each kiss her arousal would grow.

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Anything To Seal The Deal


“Are you wearing a bra under that dress?” she asked me.

“Well, of course!” I blurted out.

“You don’t need to. Give it to me.”

“But… what? Why do you want my bra?”

“I don’t want your bra,” Elisa said, “I want you to be without it.”

“Hm,” I said, “I’d prefer it if I wasn’t without it, thank you,” I realised I sounded incredibly English.

“So you’re asking your readers to follow your character down a long path when you won’t even take a single step? Hm,” she said, as if mulling over the implications of that sentence.

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Reliving Youthful Fantasies

Couple sat at a cafe table

The night was warm so Alison felt comfortable with the amount of bare skin she had exposed, but it was very unusual for her to feel the air on her stomach, let alone feeling it between her legs. Malcolm felt like the luckiest man alive, walking the streets with his beautiful wife beside him. He was as sure as he could be that Alison’s writing reflected her desires: he would never have imagined she would be happy to go out dressed so minimally nowadays, and especially with nothing on underneath. He hoped that it was arousing her as much as it was him.

They found a small restaurant and sat and ate dinner. Alison’s eyes sparkled as she relaxed, and occasionally Malcolm would reach under the table and put a hand on her knee, and then he would slide it up her thigh. Her skin was soft and yielding. He couldn’t reach quite as high as she would like, but the thought of how close he was to touching her so intimately was a turn-on for both of them.

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Sticking To The Naked Plan

Naked woman leaning against a door

A few minutes later I walked back to my desk and sat with my eyes on the door to the small meeting room. My clothes were in there; I could go in, get dressed, and then it would just be something else to laugh off for a week or so. It would be a story that would be told to all the new recruits in future about how they tricked me into walking naked around the office for an hour.

But that would mean playing to their script, wouldn’t it? And I’d already left that behind when I hadn’t shrivelled into the corner at the start of the day. And besides, now I was here, it was fun, and there was more fun to be had.

So, I resolved to make it through the morning without getting my clothes back, or at least to take it an hour at a time. I was determined that I could make this whole thing work in my favour, as long as I was the one who chose how and when it ended.

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