Happy Birthday


“Oh, relax,” Judy said. She reached over the top of the chair and put her arms on Lisa’s sides and kissed her neck again. Georgie and Nhu couldn’t take their eyes off the display, and they watched as Lisa’s mouth fell open and her eyes began to close. They weren’t sure if they heard a small whimper as Judy’s lips touched Lisa’s throat.

Lisa’s arm fell to her side and she nearly dropped her champagne glass before Georgia caught it for her and placed it on the table. Then she was distracted by Lisa’s beautiful, erect, pink nipples. She glanced at Nhu and saw that her own partner was similarly transfixed.

“It is your birthday, after all,” Judy said, and she slipped her fingers into the thin elastic at the sides of Lisa’s panties and pushed down her hips. This was the true test of how far Lisa was willing to go, as she wouldn’t be able to get them off unless she lifted herself out of the chair.

Lisa later blamed the kiss on her neck, and the champagne, but she obligingly lifted her buttocks from the seat. Judy took her opportunity and slid her hands down Lisa’s thighs, carrying the small panties with her as she did. She bent beside Lisa and pulled them down her calves. Lisa lifted her feet a little as they passed over them, and Judy tossed the tiny item of clothing towards the bra.

Lisa definitely whimpered this time, her eyes still closed.

“Oh my god,” said Georgie from the chair beside her, looking across at Lisa’s naked body. She could only see as far as the tops of her thighs, but it was an exhilarating view.

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A New Way To See Old Friends


Judith pulled up her knees and twisted around on her seat. She put an arm around the back of Christina’s neck and rested her fingers lightly on her bare shoulder. Christina shuddered as she touched her, and then again as their legs brushed against each other, the sensation of sheer tights rubbing against sensitive, naked skin.

“Although if anyone picked Christina up, they’d have brains and beauty, isn’t that right?” Judith said.

Christina was barely able to control herself, let alone respond in any coherent way. She sat stock still, her breathing deep and her heart racing.

“Absolutely,” Elaine agreed, “But I still think it’s a shame that you’re not turned on by other women.”

The four girls around Christina laughed: they laughed because it was pretty clear that Christina was very turned on right now. But she was too busy focussing on controlling her arousal to hear what was being said.

“What was it you said your boyfriend did after he’d stripped you naked, Christina?” Judith asked her, not expecting a reply, “Oh, yes, I remember. You said all he did was to touch your breast gently.” She paused for a second. “Like this?”

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I Finally Made It


“Don’t be too hard on her,” Martha said, joining the conversation, “She said she liked you… and it seemed like a fun way to stop you getting your clothes back…” She looked down at me, obviously pleased at the way she’d managed to keep me nude for the entire day.

“And my clothes?” I said. Now I was naked at a party full of strangers and I’d really rather not be.

“They’re around somewhere,” Martha replied with a wink.

“Here,” Sue said from beside me and handed me a bottle of beer, “Glad to see you made it. How was the journey?”

“Don’t you start!” I warned her, provoking a giggle from both Sue and Tan.

“It must be quite cold out there,” Tan said, and without even asking she reached a palm out and pressed it against my still-hard nipple.

“Hey!” I said, although her touch was pleasantly soft and warm.

Kathy seemed to think it was okay to do the same on the other breast.

“Oooh, yes,” she said, “Do let me know if you need warming up.”

The redhead girl looked at the pair enviously. I’d almost forgotten that the whole plan had just been to throw the two of us together, and now we were in a crowd she actually looked disappointed again, especially now there were two girls with their hands on my body.

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Comfortably Nude




When I first met Natasha I believe I experienced the same emotion that everyone does when first meeting her in the comfort of her own home; that emotion being surprise, or possibly shock, depending on one’s disposition.

The party seemed to be going the way that parties often run for me, that of being introduced to new people, not really knowing what to say, and then being rescued by someone (or maybe whoever I was talking to was the one being rescued) and then I’d be introduced to a new unsuspecting victim of inanity. This was no different, although as it was my first visit to the States I was being introduced and rescued even more thoroughly than usual as everyone wanted to meet “the English girl”, and then quickly realised that said meeting wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

But, as I said, this party was following a similar line to many, and I was running out of conversation with the quite charming and far too confident young American man I was talking to as, in the nick of time, I was tapped on the shoulder by my host for the week, Theresa, and a shout in my ear.

“Rupes! How ya doin’ there Rupes!” It wasn’t a question. “You must meet Natasha. You two just have to meet!” I rolled my eyes slightly as soon Natasha would discover, as many had already discovered that evening, that I was not the person anyone “had to meet”.

I turned around, and found myself, rarely for someone of my small height, even in my two inch heels, looking straight into the eyes of Natasha.

Natasha was petite, she was blonde, and she was smiling and offering me her hand to shake. “Hi, I’m Natasha,” she said, her eyes fixed on me all the time.

“I’m Rupa. Pleased to meet you,” I replied, taking her delicate hand in my own and trying to appear confident as I shook it.

“Oooh, I love your English accent,” Natasha said with a smile. I had heard that plenty of times tonight already and I wondered if Americans were taught to say that at school.

“I love your, er,” I said as I looked her up and down, desperate to pay a compliment in return. “I love your tattoos.” Natasha had a magnificent set of multi-coloured tattoos: on her arms, on her shoulders, on the tops of her feet and her ankles, spiralling up her leg and thigh and across her stomach. Oh yes, now I remember the important part of describing Natasha, and why I was surprised, or even shocked, at meeting her. I’m able to describe Natasha’s tattoos in such detail because Natasha was entirely naked.

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