Like A New Woman – Part 4

Naked woman pouring wine

I still wasn’t sure about this idea, but Cassie seemed pretty convinced, and she could be pretty persuasive when she tried. And boy had she tried.

“I thought we could just order in,” I said to Ellie emerged from the shower, a white towel wrapped around her body.

“You don’t want to go out?” she asked, and with a carefree attitude that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago she unpeeled the towel and began to dry herself, her breasts shaking as she tousled her long, dark hair.

“We can have more fun in,” I said, slinking behind her and wrapping my arms around her body. She twisted around to face me and I felt her warmth against me as the moisture on her skin soaked into my shirt.

“Maybe we can stay in,” she said, “And since you’re wearing a shirt, shall I get dressed up?” I smiled and shook my head.

“No need for you to get dressed, is there?” I said, feeling her narrow waist in my hands as she arched herself into me. Her nipples were hard as they pressed into my chest. “How about those shoes you bought last week? And those earrings I got you for your birthday?” She leant towards me and kissed me on the cheek.

“We’ll see,” she said. She uncoiled her arms from around me and stepped back to return to drying her hair.

I pulled a light dinner jacket from my wardrobe and slipped it over my shoulders as I left the room. If Ellie went along with this then I wanted to make it as much fun as possible.

I could only stare as Ellie joined me ten minutes later. She was wearing her new red stilettoes, the silver and amber earrings I had gotten her for her birthday, and a matching silver and amber necklace she had long owned. But that was all she was wearing, and she was beautiful.

“Starting early?” she asked, looking at the glasses of wine on the counter top. I handed one to her and we tapped them together. I was going to need it. So was she.

“It’s not that early,” I said, my mouth dry. Maybe this was a bad idea.

“What did you think we’d order?” Ellie asked.

“How about I surprise you?” I suggested.

“Sure,” she said with a smirk. At least I’d warned her to expect a surprise. Kind of.

I took my phone out and pretended to order, and Ellie walked over to the sofa and sat with her glass in her hand and one leg crossed over the other. Maybe I should do what Cassie always thought I should do: just bang her now; on the floor, on the countertop, anywhere. It would be great, but it would be better later. I hoped it would be better later.

I brought the wine bottle over and topped Ellie up and sat beside her with one hand on her bare thigh. It was impossible to resist stroking it, probing her flesh with my fingers and feeling it give and take as I squeezed her, almost hearing a gentle purring coming in response. How had I not seen this side of her for so long?

We sat and drank and talked, as we had done much more of recently, and I pretended that I wasn’t sitting next to a naked woman, and she pretended that she wasn’t naked, but we both knew that we both knew it, and we both knew that eventually one or both of us wouldn’t be able to resist any more, and it all made the conversation much more interesting.

Thirty minutes later there was a knock at the door. Ellie looked at me.

“Why don’t you answer it?” I suggested to her.

She snorted a laugh. “And give some delivery guy the fright of the night?”

“The treat of the night, you mean? And who’s to say you wouldn’t be the last beautiful woman he saw?” The last beautiful naked woman.

That earned me a kiss on the cheek, and Ellie whispered: “You’d better go.”

I put my glass on the table and lifted myself to my feet, and with a glance back at my casually naked wife sitting on the sofa awaiting for my return I walked into the hallway.

“Why don’t you top our glasses up?” I called back over my shoulder, and I could hear Ellie’s footsteps as she crossed the room to the kitchen.

“Ssshh,” I said quietly with my fingers on my lips as I opened the door. Cassie nodded and tiptoed somewhat theatrically inside.

“Hi Amber,” I whispered to her girlfriend. Amber waved and supressed a giggle.

The pair looked stunning too. Amber was wearing a black cocktail dress and heels; Cassie was in green with matching shoes.

I turned and walked back to the sitting room with Cassie and Amber treading as carefully as high heels allowed behind me. I swallowed and took a deep breath.

“It wasn’t the delivery guy,” I said as Ellie looked up, and half a second later Cassie and Amber walked in as casually as they could manage.

Ellie was standing with a glass of wine in each hand. Her body tensed and her eyes went wide as she took in the new arrivals. She had met them both before, of course, and they got on very well. It’s just usually everyone was clothed.

“Sorry, I didn’t realise…” she began to say, turning on her heels and putting the wine glasses on the counter beside her.

“Oh, we were in the area,” Cassie said, and I could see how hard she was trying not to stare at Ellie’s body as she closed the gap between them and, as smoothly as she could, she put her hands on Ellie’s shoulders and they exchanged a kiss on each cheek. Ellie’s nipples stood on end. They must have been hypersensitive as she tried to stop their bodies from touching.

“How you doing,” Amber asked rhetorically as she in turn stepped towards Ellie and they exchanged kisses, although Amber didn’t have as much self-control as Cassie and stole a glance down at Ellie’s body.

“Wow, those are beautiful shoes,” Amber said, covering her ogling perfectly.

“I, er,” Ellie stammered.

“How about you get the girls a glass of wine?” I suggested, putting my hand on her waist and turning her towards the kitchen.

This was the moment of truth: if she ran off to the bedroom to dress now, then I was in big trouble. But she didn’t. Instead, she walked forward, opened a cupboard and pulled out two new glasses. I loved the way her breasts looked when she raised her arms.

Whilst Ellie had her back turned all three of us looked her up and down and exchanged a glance, and a knowing smile from Cassie. Their smiles turned into welcoming ones when my wife returned with two full glasses.

I could tell she was still bemused by the whole situation and wondering if she was dreaming, and I could also see the dilemma in her mind: should I go and put some clothes on now? Custom and social norms said yes, but an intensely arousing sense of adventure told her to see where this path led.

“That’s a lovely necklace too,” Cassie said to her, reaching out and pinching the amber and silver between her fingers to look at it more closely. And, purely coincidentally, to allow her to stare at Ellie’s chest. “Amber, isn’t it?” She turned to her partner. “Just like you.”

“In name only. There’s only one jewel in the room at the moment,” Amber replied, touching Ellie’s arm to make clear what she meant. Ellie turned bright red at the compliment.

We were interrupted by another knock at the door. Ellie gave me a questioning look, and then as she remembered my plans she turned back to the two women.

“Oh,” she explained, “We have some food coming.” Then to me. “Do you think there’s enough to go around?”

I smiled, imagining the four of us sitting and eating a meal with Ellie nude. “There’ll be plenty, don’t you worry.”

I put my glass down and went to the front door and, on opening it, made the same “shush” sound.

Darren and Diane had been my friends, and Cassie’s friends, then all our friends, for quite a few years. It was Cassie’s idea to bring them in on this. I wasn’t entirely sure, but I had had very little say in the matter.

They walked quietly behind me into the kitchen, and now Ellie’s eyes really went wide and she took a sharp intake of breath.

“Hey everyone,” Diane said, smiling at the group. They had been given very clear instructions: don’t stare, and certainly don’t say anything. Just act as normally as you can. But I still caught Diane giving Ellie a quick glance up and down before looking around the room and then turning to the rest of us.

“Are we early?” she asked before I could quieten her.

“Not at all,” I said hurriedly. Ellie looked at me with an arched eyebrow. But on the positive side, she hadn’t even made a move to leave the room yet.

Each of us in turn received a kiss on the cheek from Diane, and Ellie arched her body to avoid contacting the clothed woman. Diane was much shorter than her and was wearing a figure-hugging evening dress that came just past the knee, and Darren was dressed similarly to me in a suit and shirt.

“You’re looking well,” was all he said as he exchanged a kiss on the cheek with Ellie. She blushed again.

“Why don’t I get you a drink?” I offered.

“Let’s get out of the kitchen,” Cassie prompted, taking Ellie by the elbow and steering her towards the lounge.

I poured drinks and looked over at my naked wife, standing and talking with our four friends with flushed cheeks and erect nipples. Now I really wanted to do what Cassie always told me to do: bang her on the floor right now. Maybe send the guests home first, though.

But no sooner had I taken their drinks over than there was another knock on the door. Ellie didn’t even look up, although she did when Steve and Lisa followed me silently into the room. And for the next twenty minutes there was a steady flow of people to this surprise party: a surprise to Ellie, and something of a surprise to everyone who thought they knew her.

She positively glowed as she stood amongst the group, and I got a kick out of every stolen glance at her body from both male and female.

It was close to eight when I opened the door not to more guests, but to three young women in white blouses and black skirts who carried boxes of food. Cassie had organised catering and I had been happy for her to do it.

“If you see anything, er, out of the ordinary,” I told them, “Try not to act surprised, okay?”

They looked at each other and nodded, and to their credit they didn’t say a word when they caught sight of Ellie wearing nothing but red shoes and silver jewellery. The looks they exchanged said enough, but as they unpacked trays of food and began to circulate around the room I was more than happy with their efforts to act as if everything as normal.

“How are you doing?” I said, sliding over to my wife and putting my arm around her waist. Her skin felt so good and her body bent into mine.

“I’ve had a bit too much to drink,” she said, her cheeks glowing both from excitement and alcohol. She was always cute at this stage: just a little tipsy and giggly, and a little wobbly on her feet.

“Those heels probably don’t help either,” I said, looking down at her tall, red shoes. She had such marvellous legs.

“I think I’ll keep them on,” she said, and I wondered if it made her feel she still had some sense of control.

“They suit you,” I whispered into her ear and then kissed her on the cheek.

She turned to me and a mischievous smile spread across her lips.

“I’m going to get you later,” she whispered in return, and I didn’t know whether that was good or bad. It might be both. I grinned back.

We had given everyone pretty strict instructions about arrival time, but also leaving time, and by ten-thirty the first guests who weren’t too drunk to forget to look at their watches came over to say their goodbyes. The caterers had long since packed up and left and I heard them gossiping in the hallway the moment they left the apartment.

“It’s been a great party,” Sam said, exchanging a kiss on the cheek with Ellie. I noticed that she no longer looked as if she was made of wood as she allowed her body brushed against Sam’s suit jacket.

“It’s been fun seeing you both,” Ellie said to Sam and Elizabeth, just as the latter wrapped her arms around Ellie’s shoulders and held her close. I didn’t hear what she whispered in her ear but it made Ellie giggle and she gave me a glance before replying: “I will.” I never did find out what Elizabeth said, but I think I could get the gist of it.

In fact, while each of the men exchanged a still-tentative kiss on the cheek before saying goodbye, each of the women gave Ellie a close hug, with most giving her words of encouragement either quietly or out loud. It was the only time in the entire evening that her nakedness had even been hinted at.

By eleven o’clock it was just me, Ellie, Cassie and Amber remaining, and a big pile of unwashed glasses on the kitchen counter. Ellie gave them a look as if she was considering tidying up.

“Don’t even think about it,” Cassie said, as if reading her mind. She took her by the hand and pulled her over to the sofa and the pair sat down, Cassie’s hand still wrapped around Ellie’s.

Amber went to join them, and I wished I could take a photo of the three beautiful women, Amber in a black cocktail dress, Cassie in emerald green, and my wife between them in nothing but the skin she was born in. She self-consciously crossed her legs and one red stiletto bobbed up and down on the end of her foot. I sat down in the armchair opposite them.

“As decorous as the three of you look,” I said, “I’d quite like my wife to myself now. I think we have some business that needs seeing to.”

Ellie blushed and Cassie looked down at her body and smiled. “I bet you do,” she said, “But you’re just going to have to wait.”

I could tell just from looking at Ellie that I wasn’t necessarily the one who would have trouble waiting.

“I’m not sure Ellie can,” I said to Cassie with a knowing smirk.

“Who says she has to?” was the reply, and I looked on as she lifted her free hand from the sofa and placed it onto my wife’s bare breast.

Ellie let out a gasp of surprise and her shoulders shivered. She turned to look at Cassie. Cassie leant towards her and Ellie held her gaze, their faces no more than a few inches apart. And then, as if drawn inexorably together, as perhaps they always had been, their eyes closed and their lips touched and I heard the faintest of whimpers from Ellie as the pair kissed.

I looked at Amber with wide eyes, expecting her to feel jealous that her partner was kissing another woman, but she merely smiled at me, turned her body half around and bent her head to plant a kiss on Ellie’s shoulder. Then another kiss a little lower, and Ellie made a noise and her body jumped. Then lower, on the top of her breast, and this time she brought a sound that conveyed nothing but pleasure; and then lower once more and Ellie uncrossed her legs and sat back into the sofa; and then as Amber’s lips closed over Ellie’s right breast her hand touched her thigh. Her kiss with Cassie was broken by her need to take a deep breath.

I had never wanted her more than I wanted her now, but I had no idea what I should do. I started to move forward as if to join them but Cassie looked at me and held up her hand, making it abundantly clear I was to stay where I was, and then she too bent her head and her lips closed on Ellie’s left breast.

Then her hand slipped between Ellie’s legs. They parted easily and with her eyes closed and her head thrown back she let out a long moan of pleasure as Cassie let her fingers run up the inside of Ellie’s thigh.

Amber’s hand ran across her opposite thigh, over her stomach, and then back down again and Ellie’s moan was louder once more. Her nipple slipped from Amber’s mouth and she arched her back, begging for it to be replaced. It met Amber’s outstretched tongue, and it was if she had no control of her body as her legs stretched out and her arms lifted above her and wrapped over the back of the sofa.

Cassie had found a rhythm now and Ellie’s pelvis pushed up and down against her hand. Amber gripped her leg tightly to hold her in place while she continued to tease her breast with her lips and tongue. A moaning, pleading, ecstatic sound that I had never heard came from Ellie’s lips; it was the most intensely erotic noise that I would ever hear and Cassie smiled. She slid from the sofa, placed both hands onto Ellie’s thighs and knelt between her legs.

I couldn’t see what she was doing any more, but I could see Ellie’s reaction as her body arched and danced on the spot. It was as if she was trying to lift herself to the ceiling, straining to find every inch of stimulation from Cassie’s tongue. Short, sharp yelps burst from her mouth and I don’t believe she knew where she was; maybe not even who she was. At that moment, if Cassie and Amber had told her that she they would be taking her home I really think I’d have been spending the night alone.

Suddenly the dam burst and the volume rose again. If the neighbours upstairs and down gave me knowing looks over the coming days I would be sure to take credit for this. But as I watched Ellie lost in the purest pleasure imaginable, her made electric by the attention Cassie and Amber bestowed upon it, I didn’t begrudge them one bit. And as Ellie let out one last, long moan to beg them to stop, as she sank back down onto the sofa, I only wished someone would do something about the hard-on I had, the likes of which I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Cassie returned to sit by Ellie’s side, gently stroking her body as her breathing recovered. She looked at me and smirked.

“We better get going,” she said to nobody in particular, “I think Ellie might be a little worn out after the party.” She stood and took one last look at my wife’s body before she linked hands with Amber and the pair walked towards the door. Ellie still had her eyes closed and she drew her knees up towards her on the sofa; now that her arousal had been satisfied she was more embarrassed about her nakedness than she had been at any point in the entire evening.

“Don’t worry,” Cassie said to me as she opened the door, “If I know women, and I think I might do, she’ll have something left for you.” She glanced down and my cheeks burned as she stared at the lump in my trousers, “I’m sure there’s another two minutes left in her.”

I made the best derisory sneer I could in her direction before the pair left the apartment, but as I walked back to Ellie I could see from the sparkle in her eyes that she was far from spent. In fact, it seemed pretty clear that I might be the one with the stamina problem. I stood with my arms crossed and admired her naked body as she curled up on the sofa, wondering how on earth I was going to follow what I had just seen. I guess it was time I upped my game.