Like A New Woman – Part 1

Naked woman in thigh high boots

“I couldn’t say who was more surprised: me or her,” I told Cassie.

“I see what you mean,” Cassie said, looking at me with wide eyes, “And she was completely starkers?”

I looked around the café to check nobody was listening in on our very intimate conversation.

“Apart from the boots. I didn’t even know she had them. Black leather, right up to her thighs.”

“This might be too much information, but you’re making me wet now.”

I laughed: Cassie was one of my oldest friends, and if it wasn’t for her being a through-and-through lesbian I would have loved for her to have been more than that. I sometimes forgot it, though, when I was telling her about my own relationship. Plus she’d always had a bit of a soft spot for my wife.

“And what did she say?” Cassie asked.

“She said: ‘What are you doing home?'” Cassie laughed. “She obviously wasn’t expecting me back.”

“Obviously. And what did you say.”

“I told her I left work early.”

“That explains it then. And how did she explain standing naked in leather boots in front of the mirror?”

“She didn’t. She just ran her fingers through her hair and said ‘I haven’t worn these for ages. I wanted to see if they still fit.’ I looked her up and down and said ‘They look great.'”

“I bet they did,” she agreed. I grinned at Cassie as I remembered how she had looked: long dark hair, smooth, fair skin and somehow the boots made her look more naked than I had ever seen her before.

“The thing is, it was so out of character that I didn’t really know what to say. I couldn’t come straight out and ask.”

“You could have.”

“Well, yeah, I could. But I didn’t. I was tempted to bang her right there and then in the hallway.”

“An excellent choice as well.”

“I know. Maybe I should have. But I thought I’d have a bit of fun, and if she wasn’t going to explain why she was nude, who was I to ask? So I said ‘If you’ve got your boots on, I thought we’d go out for a drink.'”

“That’s definitely not the right choice. Banging her on the floor would be far better. Trust me.”

“No, but wait. I picked her jacket off the peg and held it out for her, and I could barely contain a laugh as I wondered how she was going to say she had to go and get dressed without explaining why she wasn’t, but she slipped her arms into the sleeves and buttoned it up.”

“What? With nothing underneath?”

“Not a stitch.”

“And how long was this coat?”

“You know. Just normal length. Halfway down her thighs.”

“Oh my god,” Cassie said, sitting back in the chair and taking a deep breath, “I don’t know how you resisted her there and then. I don’t think I could, and I’m not even sure she’d be interested in me. But it would be worth finding out.”

I smiled, enjoying the memory as much as I enjoyed seeing Cassie getting a kick out of it.

“Well. We headed out to the bar around the corner, and with the amount of bare leg Ellie was showing we got a lot of stares.”

“I barely believe it. That’s nothing like the Ellie I know.” Cassie’s eyes were wide and her pupils dilated and she even looked a little flushed.

“And all I could think was ‘If only they knew she was naked underneath.'”

“It’s all I can think about,” Cassie agreed.

“Steady on there.”

“And how was Ellie?”

“Her eyes were as wide as yours are now. And you should have seen how carefully she sat on a bar stool.”

“I can believe it.”

“I put my hand on her thigh and slipped it under her coat. Her thighs have never felt so good.”

“Stop! Stop this torture!” Cassie’s fists clenched open and closed on the table.

“Anyway, I let her suffer for a while. Except, I’m not sure she was suffering.” Cassie’s eyes widened further. “In fact, as time went on she seemed quite comfortable. Maybe even enjoying herself.” My friend was very much speechless and I paused for effect.

“And?” she eventually prompted.

“And then we went home?”

“And that was it?”

“Well, not quite,” I said, “When we got in she took her jacket off and hung it back up.”

“And you banged her on the hallway floor at last?”

“I’ll come to that,” I told her, “She went into the sitting room, still starkers except for the boots.”

“I’m loving this imagery.”

“But, you know how the flats opposite look across at ours? It was as if she didn’t care who could see her.”

“Are you sure this was Ellie?” I nodded.

“And she leant up against the kitchen counter and looked at me.”

“And then you banged her?”

I shook my head. “I so nearly did. And she so wanted me to, I could tell.”

Cassie took a deep breath and she leant forwards again.

“But I went to the fridge and took out a bottle of wine and offered her a glass.”

“How romantic.”

“I could barely walk for the hard-”

“I don’t want to know!” Cassie said, holding up a hand to stop me mid-sentence.

“And I took her hand, walked towards the balcony doors, and I led her out there and we sat outside drinking our wine.”

“What? Just… outside?”

I nodded. “On the third floor. But the flats opposite… I could see a few people looking out, and taking a second look.”

“And Ellie?”

“Didn’t look so comfortable now.” I grinned. “But I had never seen her so horny in the five years we’ve been together.”

“I wished I’d been there.”

“I bet you do. Anyway, it got a bit cooler, and I could make out every goose bump on her body by the time we went inside.”


“And finally I couldn’t hold out any longer. We had the most amazing sex I think we’ve ever had. I mean, it felt like the first time, except this time I knew what I was doing.”

Cassie let out a breath as she visualised Ellie in the throes of orgasm.

“Was she still wearing the boots?” she asked. I nodded. Cassie’s head dropped and she said “oh my” under her breath.