Halloween At The Old Hospital


Nude woman tied to a bed

This is one of the stories that I wrote for a new ENF short story collection to follow up Naked Women in Shorts, but since it’s not going to make it into the final book I thought I’d publish it here. It could do with a continuation or a follow-up, I think, but inspiration didn’t strike.

I hope you like it anyway,


Halloween At The Old Hospital

“So… this used to be a hospital,” Lily asked Daniela.

“Yup,” replied Daniela, “Why do you think I’m wearing this outfit?”

Daniela struck a pose for Lily, showing off her nurse’s outfit. Although, of course, the “nurse’s outfit” wasn’t one you’d see in any genuine hospital. It was strapless, showing off Daniela’s delicate, smooth shoulders; it was very short, showing off her long, slim legs; and it had a large, prominent zip all the way down the front, undone by just a couple of inches to reveal an inviting cleavage. She wore white stilettos and white stockings that came nowhere near as high as the bottom of the dress.

“I assumed you were just dressed as a tart,” Lily teased her, “Like usual”. Daniela poked her tongue out.

“Well, at least some of us have some imagination,” Daniela teased back.

Lily had come dressed as a witch. But, like Daniela, she was no traditional witch. She had a short black, figure-hugging dress with a low neckline, sheer black tights and tall, black heels. About the only clue she was a witch was the large pointy hat on her head. It would be a cliché, but true, to say that she already had many men bewitched that evening.

“And coming to a party in an old hospital dressed as a nurse is original?” Lily replied, “Did you know, apparently this was a Victorian mental hospital, and I’m really not sure whether you’re supposed to be dressed as a member of staff or a patient.”

Daniela smiled at her friend’s joke.

“Hey, girls!” they heard a voice behind them. It was Becky, who had been busy leading men astray dressed as Catwoman in a black one-piece catsuit with a zip down the front, complete with mask, cat ears and a whip.

“Have you seen the bed they’ve got here?” Becky continued, “Apparently we can have a go on it.”

The old hospital was a tourist attraction by day, and some of the more robust installations had been left out to enhance the atmosphere of the party. And at thirty pounds a ticket, not including drinks, you’d expect there to be at least a little theme to the place.

“Trust you to want a go on a bed!” Lily teased her.

“Not like that!” Becky protested, “C’mon. Let’s get some photos.”

She led them through the crowd, all eyes following the three attractive women as they traversed the room and disappeared through a doorway. They entered a semi-lit room with a large hospital bed in the centre, complete with wrist and leg straps.

Lily jumped onto the bed and lay on her back.

“Nurse! Morphine! Nurse!” she joked. Daniela pulled her phone out of her back pocket and took a photo while Lily lay still. The flash nearly blinded them.

“My turn,” Becky said. Lily jumped off the bed and Becky replaced her.

As she lay there, Lily wrapped a thick leather strap around her wrist and buckled it.

“How will Catwoman escape from this dastardly trap?” Lily walked around the table and Becky lay still as she buckled her other wrist. “Tune in next week. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!”

Daniela laughed and took the photo of Lily standing over Becky, the camera flash illuminating the room for a second again.

“Wait a minute,” Lily told Daniela, “Catwoman’s in more trouble than you think.”

She reached for the zip on the front of Becky’s catsuit and started to pull it down.

“Hey!” Becky called anxiously, “What do you think you’re doing?”

The zip slid open as far as Becky’s stomach. Becky’s eyes took on a look of terror. Daniela giggled.

“Do something, Dani!” Becky pleaded.

“I’m just the camerawoman,” Daniela replied with a laugh.

Lily posed next to Becky and Daniela snapped another photo. The two girls in front of her blinked as their eyes readjusted.

Lily took a furtive glance towards the doorway; they could see people talking in the main room, but they were alone. She pinched the left side of Becky’s catsuit between her fingers and pulled it sideways, holding it there and revealing her breast.

Daniela put her hand over her mouth in shock, but couldn’t help but giggle as well. Becky struggled against the wrist restraints but couldn’t move.

“I’m going to get you,” she told Lily, anxiously looking around in case someone looked into the room.

“Well?” Lily prompted Daniela, nodding towards the cameraphone in Daniela’s hand.

“Oh, yes,” Daniela said and lined up the shot.

“I bet Catwoman wished she’d worn a bra today,” Lily teased.

“Hurry up!” Becky urged.

Daniela laughed and took the photo. As the flash went off, Becky’s head turned around worried that someone might see her through the doorway.

“One more, just in case,” Daniela said. They would be able to tease Becky about this photo for years now. Although, she had to admit, she had marvellous breasts, assuming that the one she couldn’t see was as good as the one she could.

Lily let the flap of fabric fall back to cover Becky and then unbuckled her wrists. Becky quickly zipped her catsuit back up, although not quite so far up as it had been zipped before. “I’m going to get you,” she said, looking pointedly at Lily and then turning to Daniela, “And you too, for not helping me.” Lily smiled and Daniela shrugged.

“It’s Nurse Daniela’s turn now,” Lily said happily.

“Uh-uh,” Daniela said, “I’m not letting the two of you tie me to any hospital bed.”

“We’ll take a photo of you lying here anyway. Come on, we’ll help you up.” Becky winked at Lily.

“Okay…” said Daniela reluctantly. She gave Becky her phone and hopped onto the end of the bed and. Lily and Daniela helped her shuffle into place and she lay back. It was too late that she realised how they were holding her hands while they helped her, and then that they were both wrapping a buckle around the wrist they each held and tightening it.

“Hey!” Daniela protested. It was Becky’s turn to shrug.

“So,” Lily said, walking around Daniela and running a finger across her bare shoulders, “It seems the nurse has become the patient.”

Daniela giggled. “Look, just get it over with, okay?” She was expecting the same treatment as Becky had gotten and she, too, wished she’d worn a strapless bra beneath the zipped nurse’s uniform.

“Look, you don’t run things around here anymore, nurse,” Lily said, waggling her finger at Daniela. Daniela rolled her eyes and Lily continued to walk around the table.

“Now,” Lily said, “Let’s see what she has hidden up here.”

Daniela shrieked as she Lily’s hands wrapped around her bare thighs, above where the white stockings stopped, and then slid up beneath her dress onto to her hips.

“Ah-ha!” Lily said triumphantly, and Daniela felt her white knickers being pulled at. She shrieked again and tried to curl her knees up into a ball, but that only helped Lily get them over her backside. She turned half over to lay on her side with her knees curled up, and Lily twisted the underwear over her knees, down her calves and off her white stilettos. She bunched them up and put them into a pocket in her dress.

“Oh, lordy,” Daniela said, her eyes rolling in their sockets again. Lily always took things further than she expected.

“Now for the photo?” Lily said, and Becky obligingly lined up the camera.

Daniela realised that, twisted as she was, and short as this dress was, she was almost flashing everything in Becky’s direction.

“No!” she cried, and turned onto her back with her legs flat.

“Oh, stop moving!” Lily told her, holding onto one ankle. Lilly felt something else and lifted her head to see what was happening: she hadn’t noticed the ankle straps at the side of the bed, and Lily had fastened one around her right ankle and had just finished buckling it tightly.

“Oh, lordy,” Daniela said again, her head falling back onto the bed, crossing her free leg over the shackled one.

“Now, now,” Lily said, and she wrapped her hands Daniela’s ankle. Daniela tried to resist, but Lily was too strong for her and dragged her leg across the bed, wrapping the other leather strap around the ankle and fastening it.

“There,” Lily said, standing back and looking at her bound “patient” with satisfaction.

Daniela looked down at herself. Her feet were spread more than a foot apart. “Aren’t you going to help me?” she pleased to Becky.

“I’m just the camerawoman,” Becky told her in a mocking voice. Daniela poked her tongue out in response.

Becky walked to the end of the bed and took a photo. There was a bright flash and Daniela knew, from where Becky was standing, and with her legs spread-eagled, exactly what kind of detail they’d be able to make out from that photo. Her fears were confirmed when Becky looked at the photo and giggled.

“Oh dear,” Becky said, “Nurse didn’t wear knickers to work today.”

Daniela left her head resting back on the hard bed. “Okay,” she said, “Now you can let me go.”

“Oooh, get the important nurse, tied to the bed and still giving orders,” Lily teased, standing beside her. She looked up at Becky. “Shall we go and get another drink?” she asked her.

“No!” Daniela all but shouted.

Lily smirked. “I suppose we can’t have just anyone coming in here and finding that someone has gotten the better of one of the nurses,” she said, “There’d be a riot.”

Daniela sighed in despair.

“It’s the uniform,” Lily continued, and she put her fingers around the zip and pressed it to Daniela’s cleavage. She slid it down a couple of inches.

“Oh, lordy,” Daniela said. She knew what was coming now. Lily continued to slide the zip and she giggled involuntarily at the tickling sensation as it travelled down her body as far as her stomach.

Her nurse’s outfit was made of lighter material than Becky’s catsuit and began to part of its own accord. Daniela’s body tingled as the material slid across her nipples. Lily stopped unzipping her and pulled at the top corner of the uniform and Daniela felt cool air on her bare breast.

She closed her eyes and the inevitable flash from the camera came.

“That photo’s no good,” Becky said, “She had her eyes closed.”

“Fine!” Daniela said. The sooner this was over, the better. She kept her eyes opened and lifted her head to look into the camera. Lily smiled as she held the loose flap of the nurse’s uniform open, showing off Daniela’s beautiful, pink nipple.

Becky took another photo. As the flash illuminated the room Daniela anxiously turned her head to the doorway. Surely someone would walk through it soon, curious about all the photos being taken.

Daniela turned back to face Lily. “Erm, my zip, please?” she prompted her, and glanced down at herself. She could see bare skin all the way down to her belly button.

“Oh, sure,” Lily said, and Daniela watched as she smoothly slid the zip downwards; all the way downwards. Lily gave it one last tug at the bottom and the two sides sprang apart, the dress falling open around her.

“Lily!” Daniela hissed as she lay there, naked bar for stockings and shoes on the bed. She tried to fold into a ball but the wrist and ankle straps held her.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Lily feigned in apology, “You told me to do your zip and I thought you meant downwards.”

There was a flash as Becky took another photo, giggling at the same time.

“Those stockings really suit you, Dani,” Becky teased.

“Zip me up, right now,” Daniela told Lily sternly.

Suddenly there was a noise and Daniela turned around to see someone enter the room. It was a young man dressed as Austin Powers.

“Oh, wow!” he said as he stopped and stared at Daniela’s beautiful naked body. “I wish they’d told us about this in the invite! You’d have thought they’d have mentioned there’d be naked women tied up!”

“I know!” Lily agreed, “We came in here and the bed was set up and everything! We’ve just been taking photos with… what’s your name again?”

“Daniela!” came the spat reply. her lungs filled in anger and frustration. The young man watched her breasts as her chest rose and fell.

“Can you get a photo of the two of us?” Lily asked the young man.

“Sure,” he said. Becky handed him the phone and Daniela fumed as he took a handful of photos of the pair of them standing behind her naked body. He gave the phone back.

“Thanks,” Lily said, taking the phone back.

“Hey, no problem.” He paused for a second. “And… do either of you two girls want a drink?”

“Nah, we’re fine thanks. Maybe later,” Lily replied with a smile. He took the brush-off well.

“Sure,” he said, and turned and left the room.

“Now, will you zip me up?” Daniela pleaded to Lily.

Lily leant on the bed beside her. “Well, let’s see… What do you think its worth, Becky?”

Becky giggled. “I dunno,” she said, “I mean, if I was lying there like that, I think I’d promise a lot if someone would give me my clothes back.”

“Good point, Becks, good point,” Lily said, “How about, we’ll unstrap you, and you can have your costume back in an hour or two?”

“Oh, don’t be stupid,” Daniela told her.

Lily stood. “Well, we offered,” she said. Becky giggled again.

Daniela heard a male voice from outside. “Yeah, well, you’ll believe me in a minute,” it said loudly, and the young Austin Powers returned with three friends.

“Holy shit!” said one of them as he stared at Daniela on the bed. “She is so hot!” Daniela was too embarrassed to feel flattered.

“Hey, girls,” said the young man who’d taken the photos for them, “Do you mind if we get a few pictures now?”

Lily shrugged. “Sure!” she said, walking over to stand next to Becky. Daniela couldn’t think of how to get out of this without even more humiliation. Although, at least if they thought she was part of a display, it lessened the embarrassment a little.

The two girls watched while the boys took turns posing for photos in front of, behind and beside the beautiful, naked Daniela. Lily noted that, as time went on, Daniela seemed to be getting calmer. And, she noted with more interest, somewhat aroused by the situation. She’d unbuckle her straps and return her costume to her, eventually.

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