Meeting An Old School Friend. Naked.

Naked man in front of clothed woman in shorts

“Yes,” Sasha turned to Alice, “Give him his clothes back.”

“When I went to all that effort to get them off him?” Alice replied derisorily, “And besides: it’s obvious he’s loving it, isn’t it?”

“He just needs a little more vodka,” Rosie said, and she picked up my glass from the table and sat beside me to hold it against my lips. I was more distracted by the feeling of her bare leg and her skirt against my skin as I sipped. The alcohol went to my head as soon as I swallowed.

My cock was still waving, and I wasn’t even sure it had stopped growing. I think it was already bigger than it had ever been before.

“I don’t think your boxer shorts will fit you any now,” Sasha said, the mischievous expression still on her face. I tried to smile in reply while my face was burning with embarrassment.

“Well, Rosie,” Alice said to her, “Thank you for introducing me to an experience I never expected to have.”

“What? Sitting around with a naked guy?”

Read the rest of the story in The Undergraduate

One thought on “Meeting An Old School Friend. Naked.

  1. Anonymous

    What a fantastic situation — so very sexy and enjoyable! Perhaps the best aspect of the photo is the young lady’s pose and expression. She is not intimidated. She is clearly waiting for the man to drop his hands to his sides. The power dynamic when that happens will mix in so many arousing ways with the sight of a handsome man. Naked. On display for her. And will be clearly and visibly excited that she enjoys his nudity.


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