The Lady And Camilla – Chapter 5


Chapter five of The Lady and Camilla is up on Literotica.

I turned my back to her and held my hair out of the way, making it as obvious as I could that I wanted her to unzip me. I couldn’t see the look on her face but there was no pause as she obliged.

“Oh, that’s so much better,” I said as I wriggled out of the tight dress. Even with my back turned I could feel both pairs of eyes on me as I stood there in my black lace underwear and stockings.

“This too?” Victoria asked, and without waiting I felt her fingers pull at the clasp of my bra and unhook it. I smiled while they couldn’t see my face: she was playing along better than I could have hoped.

“Thank you,” I said as I shrugged my bra down my arms and let it drop casually to the floor and turned to face them. “Under-wiring and large meals never mix.”

I could have been saying anything: they were both staring at my breasts as if in a trance. I didn’t have to contain my satisfied smile as no-one was looking at my face.

“Here,” I said, and with gentle but firm hands I turned Victoria around by the shoulders. I felt her tense as I slid the zip of her dress down, but she did nothing to stop me. I pushed the sleeves off of her shoulders and helped slide the tight fabric down her body. It dropped around her ankles but she merely stepped out of it. Neither of us made a move to pick up any of the clothes that were scattered around the hallway.

You can read chapter 5 on Literotica, and, if you missed it (or want to start again), chapter one is here.

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