Having written a couple of ENF stories and started a CFNM story, I’ve been wondering which I like best, both as a reader and a writer. The answer, it seems, is both.

After coming to that startling conclusion, and not being entirely sure why, I started thinking about erotic photography, and which of those I prefer. It seems that CFNM pictures do almost nothing for me. I think that’s because I can’t identify with the man in the picture, and the situations are often groups of women humiliating a man and I wouldn’t want to be part of that.

On the other hand, professionally shot ENF pictures are often beautiful to look at because, let’s face it, the female body is usually more beautiful (from a non-sexual perspective) than the male’s, but also because I can often put myself into the picture – albeit I may not be quite as beautiful or skinny enough to pull it off, I’m sad to say. My love of ENF falls completely if the picture portrays force or anything non-consensual, though. At that point it becomes a complete turn-off.

Enough of the words, however, as I think it’s time to post a picture:

The Masqued Ball

Oh, to be blessed with that body and the mask of anonymity… what a fantasy.